Empowering weather and climate forecast
#ContentDue dateDocuments
D1.1First version of datasets and cost functions to develop ML solutions for A1-A62021-08-31Download PDF
D1.2Report on a survey of MAELSTROM applications and ML tools and architectures2021-09-30Download PDF
D1.3First version of customised ML solutions for the datasets of D1.22022-09-30Download PDF
D1.4Revised version of customised ML solutions for the updated datasets of D1.2 that are based on the workflow tools of WP2 and optimised based on the feedback from WP3 regarding performance and energy consumption2023-09-30
D1.5Report on tests with a tangent linear and adjoint version of ML emulators with 4DVar2024-03-31
D1.6Report on the application of ML solutions within the W&C workflow2024-03-31
D2.1Report on the survey of the workflow, the MAELSTROM protocol and ML requirements2021-09-30Download PDF
D2.2First version of workflow tools published that allows to perform quarterly benchmarks of ML solutions2022-03-31Download PDF
D2.3Report on software performance benchmarking for ML solutions from deliverable D1.32022-12-31Download PDF
D2.4Report on improved data processing tools, and the weather data loading pipeline designed for large-scale deep learning training for the benchmark datasets from Deliverable D1.12023-09-30
D2.5Final version of workflow tools published2024-03-31
D2.6Report on software performance benchmarking for ML solutions from deliverable D1.42024-03-31
D3.1Initial list of hardware related requirements for ML solutions in W&C2021-09-30Download PDF
D3.2Roadmap analysis of technologies relevant for ML solutions in W&C2021-10-22Download PDF
D3.3Benchmarking and test infrastructure2022-03-31Download PDF
D3.4Report on hardware performance benchmarking for simplistic ML solutions for benchmark data sets in D1.2 on existing hardware solutions2022-03-31Download PDF
D3.5Performance model for hardware configurations2023-03-31
D3.6Report on hardware performance benchmarking for ML solutions from D1.3 on a number of hardware configurations2023-03-31
D3.7Final report on hardware performance benchmarking for ML solutions with the full implementation of the workflow tools of D2.22023-01-31
D3.8Report on solution design and architecture blueprint2024-03-31
D4.1Plan for Dissemination and Communication2021-05-31Download PDF
D4.2Data Management Plan2021-09-30Download PDF
D4.3Plan for Gender Balance2021-07-31Download PDF
D4.4Web Portal including Software Collaboration Platform2021-07-31Download PDF
D4.5Bootcamp2022-09-27Download PDF
D4.6Hackathon II2023-11-20
D4.7Dissemination workshop I2022-03-28Download PDF
D4.8Dissemination workshop II2023-05-20