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Events: be part of MAELSTROM

A central objective of project MAELSTROM is to inspire a lively science community in Europe. In workshops and hackathons, we invite you to meet our people, get to know our work and contribute to a new chapter of European weather & climate forecasting, machine learning and high-performance computing.

First Dissemination Workshop

Happening 2022-03-28:Delivered

With more than 60 participants, we discussed state-of-the-art of machine learning for weather and climate modelling with a focus on high-performance computing (HPC). We had the privilege to welcome three of our EuroHPC partner projects as speakers: Time-X, RED-SEA and DEEP-SEA, along with high-calibre speakers from MeteoSwiss, Columbia University and NVIDIA.

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Get your hands dirty in our Boot Camp

Happening 2022-09-27:Delivered

Registration is now closed! 43 hand-selected high caliber participants will join us for our first boot camp at Jülich Supercomputing Centre Sept 27 – Sept 30, 2022.
Hands-on work will allow them to learn more about the use of machine learning for weather and climate prediction in general, work with cutting-edge ML applications, test new workflow tools, and use one of Europe's fastest supercomputer!

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How is everyone doing? Let's discuss at the second Dissemination Workshop

Happening 2023-05-20: 105 days left

We are now two years into the MAELSTROM project and it is time to learn more about progress and challenges in the community of machine learning for weather and climate and HPC applications at our second dissemination workshop. Please also join us to learn more about the progress within MAELSTROM.

Bring your own challenging application to our hackathon

Happening 2023-11-20: 289 days left

We will give you the opportunity to bring your own application to MAELSTROM's hackathon which will be hosted by ECMWF. Let's work together to optimise your weather and climate machine learning application and to make use of the MAELSTROM tools to improve your workflow.