Empowering weather and climate forecast

MAELSTROM's first dissemination workshop


Thank you for joining us!

60 participants, five MAELSTROM speakers, three speakers from our EuroHPC partner projects, and three speakers from the wider science and technology community, interactive polling and subsequent discussions made our first dissemination workshop a high-profile forum on the present and the future of ML-based weather & climate forecasting in a HPC context. To download the presentations that were shown, and watch the recordings of our talks, visit the ECMWF page.
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The need for new tools and solutions

Are we on the right track with our work? Is what we do relevant for the science community? Will our developments get a life of their own, beyond our project? We think these and similar thoughts on a regular basis. The workshop was a valuable opportunity for us to collect insights and feedback about what's needed out there. Hence our agenda gave much room for interaction and contained a few polls (see below). Would you have guessed that GANs are expected to be such a big thing in the near future? Can you confirm that data loading is the number 1 pain in a data scientist's life? Let us know!
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