Empowering weather and climate forecast
planet earth climate
MAELSTROM develops new machine learning applications in weather and climate science that can exploit exaflop performance.
MAELSTROM delivers benchmark datasets to allow for a quantitative intercomparison of machine learning tools — serving as blueprints for many machine learning applications in Earth system science.
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weather event
MAELSTROM develops software environments to build exascale-ready machine learning tools that can be used within weather and climate science and beyond.
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HPC system
MAELSTROM develops compute system designs that are optimised for machine learning applications for weather and climate predictions at the node and system level.
MAELSTROM will transfer this knowledge to machine learning applications in other domains to optimise the use of future EuroHPC systems.
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MAELSTROM co-design cycle
To strengthen high-performance computing and weather and climate prediction in Europe, MAELSTROM will enhance the use of machine learning in Earth system science via concerted developments of machine learning, software and hardware tools in a so-called co-design cycle.
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Graphcore test their IPUs using MAELSTROM dataset

2021-11-30, Peter Dueben

The company Graphcore has used the MAELSTROM dataset on the emulation of gravity wave drag parametrisation for performance tests with their Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs). See Graphcore's blog here.

Imagine the dimensions

2021-11-09, Jan Mirus

What data scientist do can be pretty abstract to non-datanerds. We felt we would like to give everybody some feeling for how important it is to understand and predict weather and climate better, but also how difficult it is. Finally, however, what awesome possibilities a combination of high performance computing and machine learning put in our hands! Have a look and tell us what you think!

Another step towards new ml tools and solutions

2021-09-30, Jan Mirus

Hello machine learning and weather & climate scientists! Learn about the first versions of our machine learning tools and solutions, including architectures and loss functions. Get the results of a survey of customized machine learning solutions here.

Five datasets ready for download and public use

2021-09-01, Jan Mirus

We're excited to have reached a big milestone end of August: a series of datasets went public. Dataset for energy production forecast
Dataset for 2m temperature downscaling
Dataset for ensemble predictions
Datasets for 2m temp. and precipitation short-range forecasts
Dataset to emulate radiation
Feedback and comments will be much appreciated.

How MAELSTROM will change weather & climate prediction

2021-07-08, Peter Dueben

Why is project MAELSTROM urgently needed, and how will it impact weather & climate prediction, machine learning and supercomputing? Read in ECMWF's science blog how MAELSTROM will radically change W&C predition with new ML tools, HPC-ready development platforms for data scientists and high-performance compute system designs: ECMWF Science Blog

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