Empowering weather and climate forecast

How are we doing?

From the beginning, we tried to engage as many brains from the HPC and weather & climate community as possible, by publishing datasets and code. Help us understand how useful our work is and answer the following questions for us! Thanks a million.

How did you become aware of project MAELSTROM in the first place?

Twitter a.k.a. X
Personal contacts
Scientific papers
Talks, workshops or other events

Which MAELSTROM applications have you used?

Predict large-scale weather patterns to support energy production
Improved local weather predictions in forecast post-processing
Citizen observations for better local forecasts
Improved ensemble predictions in forecast post-processing
Neural network emulators for faster forecast models & data assimilation
Social media data for better local forecasts

Which MAELSTROM datasets have you used?

Datasets for 2m temp. and precipitation short-range forecasts
Dataset to emulate radiation
Dataset for ensemble predictions
Dataset for 2m temperature downscaling
Dataset for energy production forecast

Since you said you have used our datasets: Did you find it easy to download the data?

Yes, very much No, not at all

Did you find the Jupyter notebooks useful and easy to use?

Yes, very much No, not at all

What have you used the MAELSTROM datasets for?


What have you used the MAELSTROM notebooks for?


Did you find you find the documentation on GitHub useful?

Yes, very much No, not at all

What did you miss when using the datasets and notebooks?

Would you consider using CliMetLab to create and share a dataset?

Yes, because:
No, because:
What is CliMetLab?

Do you have any other comments for us?