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Machine learning workflow tools

Machine learning software tools & environments will be made accessible on Git.

Workflow tools spec sheet

Due 2021-09-30: 6 days leftIf you are interested in workflow tools for machine learning as they are available now, and as they will be developed by MAELSTROM, please have a look at this report. We present the results of a survey of requirements for software tools to support the MAELSTROM applications and outline how MAELSTROM will combine existing tools with customised products to fill the gaps towards the optimal software framework for machine learning developments in Earth system applications.

Workflow tools v1.0

Due 2022-03-31: 188 days leftAn exciting step! We are looking forward to disclosing our first version of MAELSTROM workflow tools for download and use.
The tools provide a framework to run and compare different machine learning libraries regarding performance and usability which allows to make fair performance benchmarks of different software solutions on various hardware frameworks. It is possible to store the developments using the MAELSTROM protocol. Once ready, access our GitHub page for detailed documentation and software download.

Who is fastest?

Due 2022-12-31: 463 days leftFor individuals, it is almost impossible to make a fair comparison between the performance of different machine learning solutions based on different machine learning libraries when running on different hardware configurations. But we'll shed some light into the dark via a fair comparison of the MAELSTROM machine learning applications running on several hardware designs and using the MAELSTROM workflow tools which allow to compare the performance of different machine learning libraries. This should also help you to judge which software and hardware solutions may work best for your application.

It is all about data (and I/O)!

Due 2023-09-30: 736 days leftAre you struggling to optimise the movement of data and I/O in your machine learning project? Complementing the MAELSTROM workflow, this deliverable (add link) is addressing the organization and distribution of data with respect to the MAELSTROM machine learning problems and an optimal solution to load and use data will be provided. Different strategies for the data loading pipeline will be devised and implemented, including aspects of overlapping bespoke weather data pre-processing with training.

Workflow tools v2.0

Due 2024-03-31: 919 days leftThe final version of the MAELSTROM workflow tools have been published and are available for download and use. Please have a look at this deliverable for further details.

Who is even faster?

Due 2024-03-31: 919 days leftThis deliverable will provide a final update on the performance of different machine learning solutions, software products and hardware designs as developed in MAELSTROM.